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Welcome back, y’all! Long story short: I meant to post this on Halloween in celebrations of the holiday. But as any parent with small children will tell you, Halloween is a busy day and it’s hard to squeeze much of anything else in between Halloween parties and trick or treating. But, given that cemeteries and graveyards are both a Halloween staple and a favorite haunt of genealogists, I figured I’d still post this, even if it’s a few days week late. This will be a short post, but I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts in the spirit of the recent holiday.

Fun fact: The word ‘cemetery’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘koimeterion’ meaning sleeping place. While the term was used in ancient times to refer to the ‘sleep of death’, it was early Christian writers who began to use the word synonymously with ‘burial ground’. That said, by the 19th century, the word cemetery was used to reference burial grounds not attached a (Christian) church, whereas a ‘graveyard’ was a burial ground attached or associated with a church. (Source

Either way, these are all history/genealogy/graveyard related and as someone who loves looking at cemeteries, architecture, and pretty much anything related, as well as the artwork in them, these are fun accounts to scroll through when I’m in a spooky mood or wanting my history fix.

Entreating Elijah

A traveling genealogist who posts pictures of interesting gravestones that they find. Recently, they have posted a bunch of ‘Frankenstein’ tombstones that are pretty cool. Sometimes the people are distant relatives, but they all come with fascinating stories.

Bygone Times Genealogy and History

Another good Instagram account – this one focuses on the poster’s family history and more generally the history of Greenville, South Carolina. If you are interested in southern US history or South Carolina history, this is definitely an account to follow. Beautiful pictures with interesting stories behind the photos.

Cheap Old Houses

One of my favorites, this account posts pictures of old houses here in the US that are up for sale. They’re all gorgeous, but some look more like haunted houses or Gothic in style. The descriptions will sometimes go into the history of the house. These houses also tend to be on the less costly side – hence ‘Cheap Old Houses’.

Circa Old Houses

Related to Cheap Old Houses, these are more old houses (some of which are pretty spooky looking), but many of these houses are $$$. These houses are the kind that make me want to make a fortune from genealogy 😂 and live in their old-timey splendor.

Church Waffles

An Instagram account from the British Isles – this is perfect if you love old church architecture and graveyards. There are dozens of pictures on the account with lots of history about the various churches and their surroundings, inside and out.

Tenacious Genealogy

A shout out to my own Instagram account, if you haven’t checked it out yet. My photos are usually connected to my newest posts, so come follow me and see when I post new material.

The History Girl NJ

Another favorite account. The History Girl NJ travels around the USA highlighting US history and architecture. She’s got a bunch of great posts from all over, with lots of history attached to each post. My ‘Want to Visit’ list has gotten much longer because of this.

The Hipster Historian

While I may not be too into hipsters 😋, this is another really cool account that does a lot of genealogy and takes lots of gorgeous cemetery pics.


Fun fact: a taphophile is someone who loves graveyards and gravestones. Taphotourist takes gorgeous (read: artsy) pictures of cemeteries and headstones from around the world. This account definitely gives me some major genealogy inspiration.

The Cemetery Club

Another cool account on Instagram is The Cemetery Club. They post a lot of pictures of cemeteries from around the world with fascinating stories attached to each post.


Cemeteriesmd is another fun account. The ‘md’ in their name is for ‘Monuments of Death’ and they are a couple who focus on cemetery artwork in and around London.

Project Necropolis

Another account dedicated to graveyard artwork, people send in their photos, some of which are then posted on the account. The account has a very gothic and spooky vibe to it for the most part, with the occasional graveyard humor.


Last but not least, this is another account that shows off beautiful graveyard and church photography that people have submitted. Between Grave_Affair and Project Necropolis, I have plenty of graveyard/cemetery inspiration.

Comments? Questions?

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  1. Susan Kamachi says:

    Am excited to follow you. I am trying to get my ancestors in shape. Keep finding new and exciting things. I am new to this whole thing and hope I have enough year left to get it all organized for my family.

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