52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Amos Hyrum Fielding and Ellen Agnes Hobbs

Family photo of Amos Hyrum Fielding and Ellen Agnes Hobbs with eight of their children.

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Welcome to Tenacious Genealogy! This is another post for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge that I’m participating in this year. It is a challenge hosted by Amy Johnson Crow every year and I figured I’d get in on the fun. 

This is the week 12 prompt (which you can already tell I’m lagging behind on) and it is: ‘12’.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of large families in my family tree, especially among the older generations. Given that my paternal ancestors were primarily members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and many of my maternal ancestors were Catholic, there are a lot of large families in my genealogy. So today, I’m focusing on one in particular. The progeny of Amos Hyrum Fielding and his wife, Ellen Agnes Hobbs.

Why them? Because they had twelve kids. Which for many years was the biggest family I knew of in my genealogy research. (Until I started researching my mother’s side of the family…)

Cheaper By the Dozen – Fielding Edition

Between 1872 and 1896, Amos Hyrum Fielding and his wife Ellen Agnes Hobbs had twelve (12) children. Of those kids, eleven lives to adulthood (Their eldest daughter Ellen Delcena died in 1887 at the age of 9.) and nine are known to have had children. Those who did have children usually had quite a few and by 1999, there were just over 1200 descendants of this couple.

The children in chronological order are:

  • Hyrum William Fielding (1872-1932)
  • Thomas Amos Fielding (1874-1947)
  • Joseph Oliver Fielding (1876-1953)
  • Ellen Delcena Fielding (1878-1887)
  • John Melvin Fielding (1880-1949)
  • George Walter Fielding (1883-1927)
  • Mary Jane Fielding (1886-1936)
  • Franklin Downs Fielding (1887-1984)
  • Alice Constance Fielding (1889-1962)
  • Myrtle Fielding (1891-1987)
  • Delia Fielding (1894-1965)
  • Leonard Fielding (1896-1969)

Considering how Amos Hyrum was from an atypically small family for the 19th century – he was the only child of Jane Benson and Amos Fielding – it’s interesting to see how he ended up having such a large family. (While he had 3 half-sisters, the two who lived to adulthood had smaller families as well – less than half as many as he did.)

In 1999 – in commemoration of Ellen Agnes’s death 100 years prior and in conjunction with the Fielding family reunion that year – my father, Paul Fielding (2x great-grandson of Amos Hyrum and Ellen Agnes), endeavored to create a family directory of all of Amos Hyrum and Ellen Agnes’s descendants. It was a labor of love and curiosity. As mentioned earlier, at that time (103 years after the birth of Amos Hyrum and Ellen Agnes’s youngest and 12th child), there were just over 1200 descendants. (Fun trivia: I was 12 years old when we had the family reunion, so there’s another connection to 12 there.)

Side note: I’m currently attempting to update the directory now that it’s been 20 years and I’m expecting there to be quite a few more descendants now. I plan on writing more about that process in a future post.

So, in short, that’s the part of my family that deals with the number ‘12’. Even though Amos Hyrum and Ellen Agnes didn’t have the largest brood of children in my family history, it’s cool to see how they ended up being connected to the number 12.

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